January 19th, 2008


Quite Remarkable!

Belated happy birthdays to hieispike and chesha03

At work yesterday morning, around 6 am, I took a call from a woman who began “My name is Mrs (Greek surname) and I’m calling from a little country in Africa that you probably haven’t heard of. Malawi.”

Of course I told her “I lived there for six years”, and, after expressing her surprise, she asked if I had known any of the (Greek name) family. I told her that I had certainly had known people of that name, and a Chris (Greek name) had been one of my close friends at school there, but it had been a very long time ago.

She said “I know Chris (Greek name)”.

I said “This was in the late 60s, so I don’t think it will be the same person; the one I knew was probably a different generation.”

She laughed. “I think not. He’s 55.”

I’m 54, and was one of the youngest in my school year, and so it almost certainly is the same person. I told her that and she revealed that he is her brother-in-law!

- - - - -

Tonight I was checking the International Money Transfers done by agents on the day shift. I often find horrible spelling mistakes on them; some of the agents can’t spell ‘bank’, despite working in one! B-A-N-C-K. There was one to a place in the USA called ‘Austin, Texes’. The prize, however, has to go to the agent who was sending an IMT to a country in the West Indies of which I hadn’t previously been aware but that certainly sounds interesting.

St. Titts and Mebis.

I think, perhaps, the agent may have made a boob.

I corrected it to St. Kitts and Nevis, of course, but before doing so I printed it out so that I could show my colleagues on the night shift and the Call Centre manager when he came in at 8 to take over from me. It cracked them up as well. I spent the rest of the night having to suppress sporadic bursts of chuckling and in thinking up a biography of St. Titts.

St. Titts of Mebis; 5th century missionary who tried to bring Christianity to Wales but was martyred by suffocation between the enormous knockers of the druid priestess Gwenafra. Pope Benedict XVI is currently considering de-canonising St. Titts after historians discovered that the saint broke off from his martyrdom twice to go to the bathroom.