January 15th, 2008

Minsc and Boo

In which our hero imitates Humpty Dumpty

Belated happy birthdays to jamalov29, sp23, and treiza. On time happy birthdays to kantayra and jadeleopard

I fell down on the way to work on Thursday night. I’d hurt my ankle the day before and as I was walking briskly – not running, I was in plenty of time – for the bus that ankle gave way under me. I went down like a felled tree. I skinned the palms of my hands and one knee, bruised the knee as well, and ruined the knee of the trousers that I was wearing. My favourites, even though I hate the colour; they’re the only really comfortable ones that I own. I think they’re beyond repair.

Perhaps because of the fall I’ve felt somewhat out of sorts during these days off. My intended completion of ‘Life, Resumed’ hasn’t been accomplished although I still have one night to go and it is just possible that I’ll get it done. I’ve been writing away but what I’ve produced just doesn’t seem good enough. In fact I’ve felt rather down about my writing altogether. I haven’t really been able to summon up the enthusiasm.

But now I’ve just seen something that has fired me up again. mythichistorian has created some delightful artwork for Tabula Avatar and it’s brought the smile back to my face. Find it HERE.