November 10th, 2007


Ficlet: Hell Hath No Furry

Belated Happy Birthday to rhi_silverflame

I mentioned back on the 1st that I’d had some success in the Fang Fetish Awards. I got a Runner-Up in the ‘Best Long Spuffy’ category for ‘Pandora’s Boxer’, Winner in the ‘Best Fluff/Lightheard Vampiric Non-Spuffy’ for ‘Pyromania’, and a Judge’s Choice for ‘It’s Got To Be Perfect’. Thanks to nominator(s), judges, and hosts. I really must get around to putting up some of my winning fics at ‘Just Rewards’.

I managed to do a little writing today in the brief interval between work and sleep. A Xander-in-Africa story – a genre that I refuse to abandon whatever Joss might say. Alas, this is hardly an example to rank with ‘Lonely On The Mountain’ – it’s an abysmally stupid micro-fic based on something that I misheard as CW was watching TV this morning. Rating G; 300 333 words (I've added to it since first posting).
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