November 1st, 2007


Ficlet: Undead Inna Babylon

Go me! I’ve won several things at the current round of the Fang Fetish Awards; more details to follow on a non-work night.

I didn’t post any fic at all during the whole of October. That’s perhaps the longest period of inactivity in the history of this journal. However I’ve made substantial progress on the next ‘Tabula Avatar’ chapter and it will appear shortly. In the meantime I have knocked off a short fic.

This is a strange one. The idea came to me as I was trying to write a Clex fic. Now, I don’t watch Smallville, and to me ‘Clex’ could mean only one thing. I’ve had an idea kicking around in my head for a long time but something goes wrong every time I try to do something with it. This was no exception. I lost interest, started thinking about unusual pairings, and came up with what is probably the weirdest pairing in the entire history of fan fiction. No, scratch that ‘probably’. And it’s Biblefic! Starring Spike!

This is a BtVS/Doctor Who/The Bible crossover. PG-13 but contains mild slash. 1,500 words.

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