February 16th, 2007

Access All Areas

Things I did today...

Belated Happy Birthday to verboseartistry

Thanks to whoever sent me the anonymous gift on Valentine's (Acts of Random Kindness) Day.

I have spent today writing; but not any of my WIPs. Priority had to go to my part of Access All Areas, the Spike/Dawn story that I'm co-writing with curiouswombat, in which she's writing the good guys and I'm writing the bad guys. Chapter Five is up on her journal now.

This is Spike/Dawn more than ten years after 'Chosen' and so most of the issues that might put readers off the pairing don't apply. It's the sequel to Ten Years After, in which Dawn discovered that she seemed to have stopped aging at twenty and began to investigate her background as the Key, with assistance from (and, eventually, romantic involvement with) Spike. In 'Access All Areas' that investigation leads the pair to Prague and pits them against villains old and new - and extremely dangerous.

Tomorrow I'll return to my own stories - although I may well be called upon to provide my part of Chapter Six fairly soon.