January 22nd, 2007

Access All Areas

I'm back

Belated Happy Birthdays to chesha03, gianna24, and orchid_slayer; an on-time Happy Birthday to schehrezade_1.

I have been away a long time, haven’t I?

Mainly I have been playing ‘Neverwinter Nights 2’ but I have done some writing; not on any of my own stories but on Access All Areas, the sequel to curiouswombat’s Spike/Dawn epic Ten Years After. She writes Spike and Dawn; I write the opposition. Chapter Four of ‘Access All Areas’ is now up on her journal and I think that it’s coming on rather well.

Now, if I can resist the seductive pull of ‘Neverwinter Nights’, to do some catching up on Comments and to do some work on my own stories.