June 23rd, 2006


I believe

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I Believe.

I believe in Modesty Blaise and Willie Garvin. I believe in Lin Chung, Hu San Niang, the Tattooed Dragon and the rest of the Nine Dozen Heroes. I believe in Leon and ‘No women, no kids’. I believe in Judge Dee Jen-djieh, Chao Tai, Ma Joong, Tao Gan, and Sergeant Hoong. I believe in Chmee, the Kzin formerly known as Speaker to Animals. I believe in Nile Etland and her genetically-engineered otter friends. I believe in Dachande (Broken Tusk) and Machiko Noguchi aka Da’dtou-di (Little Knife). And that the movie that reused some of the book’s ideas sucked dead Xenomorphs through a straw.

I believe in Jaheira, in Viconia, in Minsc and Boo. And I believe that Boo really is a Miniature Giant Space Hamster.

I believe in Rincewind, in Sam Vimes, in Arch-chancellor Ridcully, and in Carrot and Angua (although I’ve developed a slight case of Carrot/Sally shipping because Angua’s insecurities are starting to get right up my nose).

I believe in Number Ten Ox and in Master Li, who has a slight flaw in his character. I believe in Ogami Itto and his son, forever wandering. And in Buck Duane, the Lone Star Ranger.

I believe that the game’s afoot. That somewhere Alan Quartermain stumbled upon lost civilisations. That John Clayton, Viscount Greystoke, secretly watches Tarzan movies and laughs himself sick at their dire portrayals of him. And I believe in Doc Savage and his Famous Five.

I believe in redemption.

Redemption for Viconia, for Spike, for Willow, for Little Krell, for Chen Lung, for Leon, for Lady Snowblood, for Jonathan, for Faith, for Ilona Costa Bianchi, and most of the time for Angel. Often even for Harmony. But not for Andrew. Or for Graham Poll.

And I believe that Charlie Croker managed to get everybody safely off the coach and salvage most, although not all, of the gold.

But most of all I believe that SixApart is a division of Wolfram & Hart and, alas, not the division headed by Ilona Costa Bianchi.

(and that is why I’ve created a Greatest Journal account with the same user name as here. All the cool grown-ups are doing it; some say we’re lemmings, but I say that we’ve seen the iceberg up ahead and are booking our seats on the lifeboats.)
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