May 30th, 2006


Typing this with one hand…

I’ve burned two of my fingers clearing a jammed photocopier at work. It’s left a smallish blister on the tip of my index finger and a quite large blister on the tip of my middle finger. Painful. I had to hold them under the cold tap for three quarters of an hour. I came home from work early, on the 6.30 am bus instead of my usual 8.10 bus, because I couldn’t do anything constructive at work. I already had sores on my thumb and on the side of the index finger on that hand (dermatitis) and the burns put the hand out of action totally.

It’s my left, but I still need it. I can’t type properly one-handed, can’t do ctrl-alt-del which I need to do to be able to enter the system passwords, and I struggled dreadfully with signing off the International Money Transfers – they’re in 3 parts and the top and bottom parts get initialled, the middle part gets signed. Easy with two working hands; with one hand it’s a complicated juggling act.

So I went home early. In other circumstances that might have meant a couple of hours fic writing; today, forget it. Even a drabble would be too much hassle.

The hand isn’t painful now; at least as long as I don’t touch anything. Here’s hoping I manage to sleep okay today and that I’m able to type tomorrow.

Drabble: Whale Meat Again

I slept without difficulty today, and my fingers are healing; the blisters are no longer painful and – I can type again! Let there be much rejoicing! Thanks to all the well-wishers.

I should be able to get on with the WIPs tomorrow. For now I’m celebrating with another in my series of AtS/Moby Dick crossover drabbles, following on from Call Me Ishmael, Thanks for all the Fish, and The Snarking of the Hunt . I still need an overall series title before I can start posting it at ‘Twisting the Hellmouth’. 100 words, rating PG for cruelty to animals.

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