May 24th, 2006


Life, Resumed Chapter Three

Here is the third part of my post-NFA fic ‘Life, Resumed’. All spellings are in UK English as I feel that this is most appropriate for the POV. This chapter is 3,500 words. PG-13 at most. Still no Spuffiness, but be patient…

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Drabble: Call Me Ishmael

Happy Birthday to zubiemom

Spamming today; this is my second post. This morning I put up Chapter Three of Life, Resumed, and then I had one of my attacks of raving insanity. Here is the result; a drabble crossing over Angel Season One with – Moby Dick! 100 words, PG.

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ETA: I've just posted an Angelus-dusting fic at 1001waysto_dust. Fatal Boob, 250 words, PG.