May 16th, 2006


New story: Life, Resumed

I saw a recent post by adriana_is asking for post-NFA Spuffy fic recs, and it occurred to me that I’ve never written one. Spillow, and Sparmony, and Spike/Vi, but not Spuffy. There are aspects of the Spuffy relationship that make it hard for me to accept it post-NFA. However, I have at last thought of a way around it, and so I’m starting a new story along those lines. Yes, I know I’ve got lots of existing WIPs, and I’m in danger of turning into theohara, but they’re not going terribly well at the moment and I couldn’t resist. Here is the first part, 2,400 words, PG so far.

ETA: I’ve set the Spellchecker to English (UK) for this one because of the POV.

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