May 15th, 2006


Bite Me

My writing has not gone at all well the past few days. I've tried to get something done on 'Tabula Avatar', on 'Dojo Hard', and on 'Love Potion Number 9', and everything I've come up with has sucked. Eventually I gave up and did something completely different. Something insane even by my standards.

This is the S3 sequel to my S2 Spuffy fic ‘The Hounds of Love’. Graduation Day Part 2, after a Season 3 that took place without Angel (who moved to Los Angeles with Dru at the end of the previous story), and no Faith. Kendra visited a few times to help out.

This is the same story told in two different ways. First, a conventional narrative in prose; second, a doggerel poem, or perhaps a filk as it is based on the lyrics of a song. Young people and Americans probably won’t recognize the song but it will be very familiar to all Brits of a certain age. Possibly the strangest song ever to feature on ‘Top of the Pops’, it made number 5 in the UK Top 40 in 1977. I’ve put the two versions under two separate cuts. First the prose, then the poem. Read them in whichever order you like. Just don’t take them seriously.

Prose version: 2,385 words. Rating PG.
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Filk version: 650 words. Rating PG-13.
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