May 6th, 2006


Community pimping

1001waysto_dust is for stories in which Angel gets dusted. There are only half a dozen there so far; three of them are drabbles that I wrote and that I haven't yet posted here. Go and read, and preferably join in.

wellofcreation is for "original fiction and/or fanfiction containing original characters". Again there's not much there so far. I've posted "Deid Canny" there and I might post "The Cloak of Mist" there at some time in the future. Doesn't have to be Buffyverse, any fandom is welcome. Original Characters have to be major characters and, in a multi-chapter work, present for at least 50% of the time. Jerusha? Anybody?

In other news: my holiday and days off are over now; back to work tonight. The pace of fic writing will slow down to a crawl for the next five days. Sorry I didn't get any "Sunnydale Passions" done; but I'm halfway through the next "Dojo Hard" and "Love Potion #9" chapters. With luck they'll go up once these five nights at work are over. TTFN!