May 2nd, 2006

Speaker 4

Love Potion #9 Part 3

Here’s the third part of the Season 3 Spike/Buffy story that I’m writing for S3 month at seven_seasons. This chapter is 3,650 words. Rating PG-13 so far but it may well go up to R later.

Summary; during ‘Lover’s Walk’ the magic shop owner comes up with an alternative solution to Spike’s dilemma and he takes her up on it instead of kidnapping Willow and Xander. Things rapidly go AU from there - partly because this is an ‘Insert Dawn here’ story.

Part 1 was HERE. Part 2 was HERE.

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Drabble: Mad World

Happy Birthday to sambony the Aikido librarian

In other news: I've been fanficced! booster17 has written a Tabula Avatar fanfic called Cobblers!. Admittedly it was written as a 20th Wedding Anniversary present for me and curiouswombat rather than Booster having been irresistibly driven to write it by the compelling qualities of my deathless prose, but it was still very much a "Squee!" moment to see it.

And in yet other news: I've substantially revised the Ats/A-Team crossover drabble that I posted yesterday to make it the first of a series. I might even post it on 'Twisting the Hellmouth'!

Here is the second part. Also 100 words, rating G. It's an LJ milestone for me; it's the 200th entry in my Memories.

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