December 3rd, 2005


Birthday greetings, awards, news, and pimping

Happy birthday to

denny_dc and to the sublime shadowscast

I’m late in my time-zone - but not in their zones. Good thing the world is round, innit?

I’ve been nominated for another award; “Angel of the Morning” is nominated as Best Unconventional Romance (Willow/Spike) and Best Characterisation (Willow) at the Sunnydale Memorial Awards. Thanks to whoever nominated me.

And the Bedtime Story Awards inform me that I am eligible for the 2005 Readers’ Choice Award, and if I would like to participate I have to choose one of my two stories nominated during the year (Everything Stops for Tea, Crocodile Rock) to represent me. I haven’t yet decided if I’ll take them up on it.

My lost computer has been found, but I haven’t got it back yet. It hadn’t been lost by the courier at all; Acer had logged the receipt as a dispatch, and it had been sitting there all the time with nothing happening. They’ve replaced the motherboard and sent it back now, but it hasn’t reached the Island yet and won’t be here until Monday at the earliest.

And I’ve been promoted. It won’t make any difference to my salary, but as of January I’m officially Deputy Team Leader of the Night Shift.

Which, in a roundabout way, reminds me to pimp keswindhover’s incredible BtVS/Discworld crossover “Dwarfbread”, in which Buffybot joins the Ankh-Morpork Night Watch. Funnier and truer to Discworld than anything Terry Pratchett has written in at least the last 7 years. It’s in her memories HERE, as “Buffybot Story 2”. You don’t have to have read the two previous stories (“Buffybot Behind Bars” and “Buffybot’s Birthday Adventure”) to follow “Dwarfbread” but they’re wonderful stories too and well worth reading. The best place to find them is her website HERE.

And now I’d better get on with some writing.