October 15th, 2005


Beta Appreciation Day

I'm a bit late with Beta Appreciation Day, but then I haven't got much to say anyway.

Usually I don't use a beta in the normal sense. curiouswombat is more of a proofreader, spotting errors; I rarely consult with her about the storyline at all, and sometimes I don't even show her the stories before I post them. Today, however, she has given me a suggestion that has solved my long-running difficulty with the ending of "Angel of the Morning", and the results should appear tomorrow. Later today, in fact, as although I'm about to go to bed it's already tomorrow morning.

I called upon the services of quite a few of you when I wasn't happy with the most recent chapter of "Life in Shadow", too many to thank individually, but thanks to all who gave me valuable concrit there.

And, for "The Cloak of Mist", evilawyer, megan_peta, and zanthinegirl were very helpful in checking it out for me to make sure that it would make sense to readers unfamiliar with Viking and Manx history. Thank you!