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Words in the Heroes' Tongue
I have a variable-sword. I urge calm.
I’ve missed a few birthdays over the past couple of days as I haven’t had time to post;
nautibitz, ottowa_fan, elsaf, and saifai. Belated happy birthdays to you all. Sorry I’m late!

Congratulations to my Friends who won in the Love’s Last Glimpse Awards and Raison d’Etre Awards in the past few days:-
kallysten, euro_fics, bloodshedbaby, megan_peta, db2305, missmurchison, hollydb, josephine_64, spikewriter, frimfram, calove, bogwitch, thedeadlyhook, kantayra, enigmaticblues, theohara, missmurchison, flurblewig, and rahirah. Hope I haven’t missed anybody!

1) curiouswombat is back! We were arguing with each other within half an hour; this is, however, perfectly normal for us, and there were also big hugs.

2) I’ve been nominated in the Love’s Last Glimpse Awards. “Pandora's Boxer” is up for Best Saga, WIP, and Episode Stealer; “I Am the Walrus” for Best Comedy/Fluff, Challenge Response, Original Character (Paul the Walrus); and “It's Got to be Perfect” for Best Saga, Romance, and Spike Characterization. I have also been nominated for Best Author.

I’m a little surprised at the nom for Paul as Best Original Character; I mean, he’s a walrus! And he only says one word in the entire story – and that’s in Inuit.

3) “And Glory Shone Around” and “Working for the Yankee Dollar” have been nominated for several awards at the Vampire’s Kiss Awards.

Not that I’ll win anything, of course; but it is lovely to have been nominated.

4) Shaka the Cat jumped on my Microsoft Wireless Desktop Pro ergonomic keyboard and broke one of its legs. It’s not so ergonomic now that it’s lying flat. My typing speed may suffer somewhat.

5) And I’ve finished my five nights at work, and I should be able to get something written soon; but not right now because I’m just too tired.

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Update to my earlier post in which I mentioned that "Pandora's Boxer", "I am the Walrus", and "It's Got To Be Perfect" have been nominated at the Love’s Last Glimpse Awards, and “And Glory Shone Around” and “Working for the Yankee Dollar” have been nominated for several awards at the Vampire’s Kiss Awards.

I've just been informed that "Crocodile Rock" has been nominated at the Bedtime Story Awards for the Fuzzy Bunny Slipper Award (Comedy/Fluff Fiction).

I would have thought it was more Snuff Fiction than Fluff Fiction; but I'm very pleased to have been nominated.

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