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Words in the Heroes' Tongue
I have a variable-sword. I urge calm.
curiouswombat has posted Chapter 8 of "Ten Years After" a couple of hours ago. One of the plot elements that surfaces in this instalment is a recycling of a plot element from the Roxyverse, and it is MY idea. I want to make that clear because TYA has got a much bigger readership than the Roxyverse and I don't want anyone to stumble on the Roxyverse in the future and think that I pinched her idea. And, to the handful of people who have actually read the Roxyverse, I want to emphasise that CW is using the idea with my full permission. I'm her beta (and husband!) and I was consulted.

Some of my stories have been nominated in the Primordial Souls Awards.

"Its Got To Be Perfect" has been nominated for Best Long, BtVS and Alternate Reality, "Merry Sport" has been nominated for Best Unconventional Couple, and "The Cloak of Mist" has been nominated for Best Slayer Centric Fanfiction. I won't win, of course, but I've probably got a good chance of adding to my collection of runner-up awards. Thanks for the nomination, K.

I've been tagged for the "Ten Celebrities" meme, but I'm not doing it yet because I haven't managed to think of ten celebrities who I regard as attractive. I've thought of Michelle Yeoh and that's about it so far. Instead I've done the Cliques meme, gacked from booster17 this time around.

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I might get the next "Angel of the Morning" chapter up tonight. It's a race between my writing and my tiredness; it all depends on how long I can keep going. We'll see. If not tonight it'll be tomorrow.

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Belated Happy Birthday to liliaeth for yesterday


Happy Birthday to cbtreks and timeofchange for today

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As mentioned on rahirah's LJ and paratti's LJ, a little-known fantasy author (I did see one of her books on display in the local bookshop late last year, although I wasn't tempted to buy it) has sounded off about fanfic being immoral and illegal, and quite possibly fattening. So has a blogger who apparently is a hack journeyman writer writing for some TV show that is exiled to the graveyard of Channel 5 in the UK, and that I would guess from the title is about a plump Shaolin warrior battling muggers and neo-Nazis in Manhattan, or possibly about the adventures of the least interesting of Doc Savage's team of pulp fiction crimefighters. Anyway -

Here is a theoretical scenario.

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