March 12th, 2005



Panic-stricken last minute dashes’R Us: a random assortment of writers I want to praise. I hope no-one missed the Magnificent Seven writers I recced yesterday; the “Savage Beauty” update seems to have eclipsed my earlier post.

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Now, although there are undoubtedly wonderful writers left unpraised, and I’m sure I’ll kick myself for omissions later, I’ll have to stop. I’m going to post this, reply to some comments, and then get on with putting Chapter 6 of “Savage Beauty” on and on my website.

And on with collecting buttons and putting them on the site for my nominations. Not only did “Savage Beauty” get nominated for the LoveBite Awards, I’ve just been informed of FOUR nominations for it at “Love’s Last Glimpse”. Best WIP, Comedy/Fluff, Romance, and Fantasy. Again the nomination url is, so it probably wasn’t anyone I know who nominated me, but thanks anyway to whoever it was. Squee! I’ve never had so many nominations before.