January 29th, 2005


Hi ho, hi ho.

I've reached the big fight scene in "Cloak of Mist". Arrows are flying, axes swinging, swords thrusting; after a couple of days when the writing has been hard, I'm back in the Zone and the words are coming free and fast.

And I've got to break off and go to work.

Bugger. Real Life sucks sometimes.

The Emperor's New Clothes?

I feel a bit guilty about saying "Real Life sucks sometimes" in my last post when all I had to complain about was the mundane necessity of going to work interrupting my creative flow; I know some of you have far more serious problems. I was merely expressing mild irritation and nothing more.

Here is a drabble that is (shock!) NOT set in the Buffyverse. 100 words, rating G, don't expect too much.

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