January 5th, 2005


What I'm doing in my holidays

There's nothing like a good moan for recharging the batteries - especially with the colossal flood of nice ego-massaging comments I received. Thanks everybody. Especially agilebrit, whose useful suggestion for making the presentation of my story more ff.net friendly has resulted in the first review there for the story in question.

I'm now busily writing again. However those of you waiting for the long-promised updates to the BuffyBot stories and "Life in Shadow", and for Book 2 of "Pandora's Boxer", are going to be disappointed. I signed up back in November for watchersdiaries, a ficathon for original stories of vampires and Slayers of the past, and I've promised 2 stories. They're due in February, so I've made a start now; I don't want to have to do the mad last-minute dash that I did with Jerusha's Holiday ficathon. Also I've made tentative plans to co-write a third story for the ficathon with desdemonaspace, and I have to put my ideas into a comprehensible format so I can pass them on to her. My usual method of jotting down odd words, phrases, snatches of conversation and scenes, and simply remembering the way they are all meant to fit together, isn't likely to work for co-writing.

So far I've written the opening scene to the Slayer story, "The Cloak of Mist", set in the Isle of Man in 1014 AD; the year of the battle of Clontarf. I'm very happy with what I've done so far but I won't be showing it to anyone else until the Ficathon posting date, so there won't be much visible output from me (unless the drabble bunny strikes!) for at least a couple of weeks. That doesn't mean I'm not writing!
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