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Words in the Heroes' Tongue
I have a variable-sword. I urge calm.
It's just occurred to me that Dawn's Original Character boyfriend in "Come As You Are" being Leonardo means that the 'ship is - Lawn!

And, had I followed my first impulse (before I went back through the story and realised that he obviously didn't care about her at all) and had her end up with Pietro, the lad who took her virginity in "Smells Like Teen Spirit", then I would have been writing - Pawn.

I'll commemorate this realisation by putting up a Drabble that has been available on my website for a long time but has never been on LiveJournal before. 100 words, rating G.

The Lawn ArrangerCollapse )

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Writing is going well on The Immigrant Song, and it should be finished in a day or two, but I've got something else on the go too. I'm going to have a go at kantayra's Challenge #8; full details on her site, but basically Dawn doesn't get cut in The Gift, all is sunshine and roses, but Spike feels he's failed and sinks into depression, yadda yadda. She puts it better.

I'm just having one of those moods in which I'm fed up of being regarded purely as a comedy and fluff writer, and I'm going to do something angsty. Not that I'm really as fluffy as everybody supposes - three or four of the Roxyverse stories are so angsty I can't re-read them myself without crying and at least one makes my flesh crawl - but nobody reads the Roxyverse so I suppose that doesn't count, and there's only "Smells Like Teen Spirit" to represent me in the non-Fluffy stakes as far as the audience is concerned. (I can't read Chapter 11 of "Pandora's Boxer" without choking up either but the dreadful things don't happen to a core Scooby so somehow they don't count, apparently)

However, I'm not going to let this new project distract me from my existing commitments, so I'm going to delay starting it until next year, probably February - March. I'm posting the first section now partly as a teaser, and partly because there are two S5 rewrites reaching their ends right now - kallysten's excellent "Heaven's Key" and enigmaticblues' more than excellent "All the Graces of the Dawn" - and I'm worried in case they've thought of the same simple one of the 147 possible ways of saving Dawn that I have, and I'm staking a claim so that even if they have I can still use it when I complete the fic. That problem doesn't exist with "Pandora's Boxer"; that's going to go completely differently and Spike isn't even going to be up the tower when we reach the end of S5 in that.

Anyway, here's the opener of 'Alone'. It's all about failure, inadequacy, that sort of thing, y'know?Collapse )

The rest will follow once my other stories have reached the next planned break points.

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