November 21st, 2004


Time for gold chains, platform soles with goldfish in them, Cadillac with fur seats ...

Yo! Pimp time.

Reminding all the good writers out there that there is an interesting community looking for more sign-ups; watchersdiaries. It's for Original Character stories, vampires and slayers, rather like the Tales of the Slayer books. One big plus is that the submissions aren't needed until February 2005, so NaNoWriMo pressure and the inevitable fatigue afterwards shouldn't be too big a problem. Head over there and take a look.

This has been a wonderful weekend so far for updates to great WIPs; fantastic chapters from megan_peta, elisi, janedavitt, thomaxena, calove, rahirah, more than one from enigmaticblues, and desdemonaspace's lovely Spara time travel fic "The Long And Winding Road" at spiketara. All well worth reading.

News on my own writing front; I've made a start on "Come As You Are", the sequel to Smells Like Teen Spirit, and it isn't coming out at all as I'd planned. It was supposed to be post NFA Spike/Janice, and it is obstinately turning into something else (still post NFA, of course). I'm not going to fight it, as a lot of people seemed to be squicked by the Spike/Janice idea even though she'd be over 18 at the time, so it will be a totally different pairing.

And I've done a sequel to the naughty little drabble Something Blue Movie; here it is. 100 words.

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Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I'm going down the garden to eat worms

I used to be a regular on the newsgroup My participation there dwindled as my involvement with LiveJournal and the Buffy fandom grew; they seem to have taken exception to that and my last few posts there have gone totally unanswered, even ones addressed specifically to the person who was a close friend and my beta asking what I've done to offend and why won't she answer my e-mails.

Anyway, there was a discussion there which triggered a Drabble from me; nobody commented on it at all, but I like it and I think it deserves better than disappearing without trace, so I'll reproduce it (and the part of the thread immediately beforehand that put it into context) here. 100 words, rating G, fandom "Hornblower" but pretty universal.

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