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Words in the Heroes' Tongue
I have a variable-sword. I urge calm.
I'm a relentless self-publicist. This may come as a surprise to you - but probably won't, as I have a LiveJournal and write reams of fanfic and put it up on the web for people to read. Anyway, I've taken a further step and opened an account at FanFiction.net. I've put "Working for the Yankee Dollar" up there as my first submission. Aiming to show myself off to a wider audience.

Only now I'm nervous. appomattoxco has a story up there currently, "Aren't You Grateful It's Not A Bunny", that is a fun piece of romantic comedy, nicely written and amusing, and it gets reviews from only one person. Am I inviting the same fate or worse? That particular person wouldn't bother to review my stories on ff.net, she's already sent me loads of feedback by e-mail, so I could get zero.

Oh well.

I had hoped to get the next chapter of "Life In Shadow" finished and up today, but it didn't happen. Maybe tomorrow, but the day after is more likely. Not Real Life issues; I just found writing this section to be a little more complex than I expected, there's a little more going on in the full version than in the draft, and it's taking longer to get the words right.

In other news, the USA has re-elected their megalomaniac warmonger, so the USA and UK still have a matched pair. I expected as much; Kerry should never have had the charisma bypass operation. We can only hope that Edwards, or Hillary Clinton, stands in 2008. Or, better still, Bruce Springsteen. The Boss for POTUS!

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I was mimicking ff.net story summaries in a reply to a comment recently - OMG a gril cums 2 sunydale & falls 4 Zander hes reely teh sun of Hercule & Zena LOL - and it sparked a tiny plot bunny. My shotgun was out of reach, I couldn't stop the bunny, and it got me; luckily it was only carrying a Drabble. Not going to bother with a cut.

Paternity Case

Xander gave a big goofy grin. “So I’m not really a Harris? Outstanding! The son of Hercules and Xena. Mucho good news there. Famous parents, cool. What I always dreamed of. Do I get any cool superpowers? Like, skill with the chakram?”

Poirot stroked his magnificent moustache. “Alas, you have not inherited any of your mother’s strength or skill. Only her dark hair and, how you say, wisecracking. It seems you have inherited leetle from your father either. Not his famous leetle grey cells, that is certain. I did not say ‘Hercules’, I said ‘Hercule’. Xander, I am your father.’

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