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Drabble: Ship of Fools

Does anyone remember my A-Team crossover drabble series It's A Nice Place To Visit? Summary: after Connor is snatched by Holtz Angel hires the A-Team to help retrieve him from Quortoth. It's almost exactly a year since I started it, and it was November last year when I last posted an instalment, but at long last here is Part 5. 100 words, PG.

Ship of Fools

“This is Steven,” Holtz said. “The Destroyer.”

Angel sniffed the air. “Connor!” he cried, and he knelt down in front of the tousle-haired boy of about eight who stood beside Holtz. “Connor! I am your father.”

The boy backed away slightly, raised his fists, and frowned. “I’m Steven,” he insisted. “Not Connor.”

Fred raised an eyebrow. “If that kid is the Destroyer,” she commented, “then B.A. must be an aircraft carrier.”

Barracus glared at her. “Hey, fool,” he said. “You can call me a battleship, maybe, but I ain’t gonna be no aircraft carrier. Ain’t no plane goin’ on me.”

Tags: a-team, drabbles, fic
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