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Drabble: Again Xander

The amazing shadowscast has written a lovely double drabble that makes total sense of the Season 8 Buffy comics and makes them compatible with all the Xander-in-Africa, Buffy-in-Rome, fics that have been written since ‘The Girl in Question’. Find it HERE.

And here is the second part of my ‘ignore the comics and continue as before’ drabble responses to Season 8. A sequel to my double drabble Xander of the River. 100 words, PG, reference to character death.

Again Xander

“Your mission to Tanzania was rather less than successful, Xander,” Giles scolded his subordinate.

“Sorry about that, boss-man,” Xander said, “but, hey, Andrew was eaten by a crocodile. He won’t screw up any more missions.”

“True,” Giles conceded. “That is something of a plus factor.”

“And, hey, I got some real good wildlife pics,” Xander continued. He took out a camera from the pocket of his safari jacket. “Close-ups from the heart of the wildebeest migration. I’ve deleted the poor quality ones.” He ejected the memory card and passed it to Giles. “Here. All the gnus that’s fit to print.”

Next in series: If A Picture Paints A Thousand Herds

Tags: drabbles, fic, futurama
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