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Killing time

Welcome new mutual friends megan_peta and romanyg. This might make you regret your decision.

A little piece of whimsy, a 100-word Drabble in the Buffyverse following 'Chosen'.

Anyone for Tennis?

The young girl tossed the ball up and smashed it in a serve timed at an incredible one hundred and seventy miles an hour.

“Fault!” the official called. “Love Fifteen.”

“The ball was in,” she protested. “I saw chalk dust.”

The official ignored her protests. “Out. Love Fifteen.”

“You can not be serious!” she yelled.

“Warning, Miss Cazadoras,” he frowned. “Serve, please.”

With a howl of fury she smote him with her racquet so hard he was decapitated.

In the stand Giles cleaned his glasses. “Oh dear,” he moaned to Andrew. “This Potential has been Called as an Umpire Slayer.”

Don't worry, I'll be getting on with the next BuffyBot story soon. And 'The Immigrant Song'. And 'Pandora's Boxer Book 2: Glory Days'. Somehow I've got to fit in a life. I haven't even seen 'Alien versus Predator' yet!
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