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Double drabble: Xander of the River

I’ve decided that I’m going to ignore the Season 8 canon revelation that Xander is in Scotland rather than in Africa. ‘Xander in Africa’ is just too good a genre to write off because of some half-baked retcon by Joss. This particular example of the genre, however, is not exactly in the ‘Lonely On The Mountain’ league. A stupid idea that occurred to me during lunch. A double drabble, 200 words, PG.

ETA: this turned into a series, and a crossover series at that. The 'futurama' tag will be explained later.

Xander of the River

Xander hung on to the wildebeest’s mane, gritted his teeth, and tried not to think about crocodiles. It wasn’t the way of crossing the Mara River that he would have chosen if there had been any other viable alternative. With a mob of angry Maasai Moran at his heels, waving their long-bladed spears and baying for the blood of the pair of ilmeet who had committed a gross cultural indiscretion, joining the wildebeest migration had been the only available means of escape.

“My wildebeest is getting tired,” Andrew wailed from behind him. “I don’t think it’s gonna make it across the river, Xander. You’re gonna have to give me a tow.”

Xander rolled his eye. “Like hell, Andrew. It’s your fault that we’re in this mess anyway. My wildebeest isn’t in great shape either. If I give you a tow you’ll drag us both down.”

“But it’s sinking, Xander,” Andrew whined. “You have to help me.”

Xander spotted a flat piece of wood floating on the surface of the water. He steered his wildebeest to within reach of the wood, seized it, and passed it across to the other man. “Here,” he told Andrew. “Use this. Paddle your own gnu.”

Next in series: Again Xander

Tags: drabbles, futurama
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