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Drabbling in the PerfectVerse

To celebrate the completion of It's Got To Be Perfect yesterday, here are a couple of 100-word Drabbles set in the PerfectVerse.

Don't read them if you haven't finished IGTBP, may contain spoilers. Or nuts.

The first was done for the First Line meme on xionin's LJ, first line "Bloody Hell", and features Buffy and Spike some time after the end of IGTBP. The second is Harmony and Gunn during the PerfectVerse version of the AtS episode "Double or Nothing".

Word Perfect

“Bloody Hell.”

Buffy stared at Spike in alarm. “What’s wrong?”

He grinned. “Not a thing, love. Sod. Knackers. Bleeding Fockers.”

“You’re swearing! Has the spell worn off?”

“Nah, pet. Found a way round it. Bloody, covered in blood. Hell’s a town in Norway. Sod, a piece of turf. Knackers make stuff out of dead horses, and Fockers are Dutch aeroplanes. I’m free!” He stood up and put on his coat.

“You’re not going to go round the College not-swearing at everybody, are you?” Buffy said crossly. “I won’t have it.”

Spike smirked. “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a dam.”

* * *

Souled Out

“You sold your soul for that?” Harmony’s eyes went wide with disbelief.

Gunn nodded, and hung his head.

“Gee, that was dumb. I mean, there musta been plenty of girls who would have given you one. Hot African-American guy, toned body and tight butt, I’d give you one like a shot.” She licked her lips. “Hey, Fred won’t be back for a while. Why don’t I give you one right now? You could take me over the desk, from behind, or maybe slip into the broom cupboard for a quickie.”

Gunn sighed. “Harmony, I sold my soul for a truck."

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