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Happy Birthday Cass - and a drabble

Happy birthday calove

I shall wish you this twice, for this is our way.

Happy birthday calove

Here is a drabble; this isn’t a birthday fic, although I hope Cass likes it. I was working out how to incorporate elements of the new revelations about the Season 8 comics into ‘Life, Resumed’, and musing about how Joss seems to have invalidated scores of fics about Xander in Africa, many of which (including, I would immodestly claim, my own ‘Lonely On The Mountain’) are among the best things ever written in the fandom, and suddenly this drabble forced itself upon me. 100 words, of course, and rated G.

The Last Kink of Scotland

Xander stared at the unbelievable monstrosity in front of him and shuddered. “Eww,” he groaned. “I thought I’d seem some pretty amazing stuff in Sunnydale. And in Africa, with the termites and the grubs and things. But, hey, this is just mind-blowing.”

“Come oan, gie it a try,” Aisleen urged him. “Ye dinnae ken whit ye’re missing.”

“Well, I coped with the Doublemeat Special, so, yeah, it can’t be worse than that,” Xander said. “But I can practically feel my arteries hardening just looking at it.” He gathered his nerve, opened his mouth, and bit into the deep-fried Mars bar.

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