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Happy Birthday to rhionnach

I see that I (along with a goodly proportion of the writers on my f-list, including curiouswombat) have been nominated at the harem_of_spike awards; Angel of the Morning, in the Best Spike/Willow category. I nominated someone else while I was there checking out my nomination, but in a different category; three times in the past I've nominated someone for an award that I've also been up for, and each time that nominee has won and I've come second. This time I was spared any inward debate over if I should risk a similar fate once more because that category is now closed.

I'm in the middle of my five nights at work, so no fic updates from me today, but I have not been idle. I've done a little writing on the next chapter of the Poirot/Xena crossover 'Murder At The Acropolis' and hopefully I'll be able to put the complete chapter up at the weekend. Also a little bit more of 'Life, Resumed', and that too should get an update soon.

Mainly, however, I've been working on my part of the story that I'm co-writing with curiouswombat, Access All Areas. We put Chapter Six, in which Bad Things happen to our heroes, up on her LJ yesterday. I'll have to start on my contribution to Chapter Seven soon; but for now I have to go to bed.
Tags: birthday wishes, birthdays, nominations/awards

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