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Rumours of my return seem to have been exaggerated...

Belated Happy Birthday to drakeazathoth

My good intentions have come to naught; instead of pressing on with my writing I have still been playing with ‘Neverwinter Nights 2’. No longer just playing the game, but creating a playable adventure using the in-game toolset. It’s hard work but at least as rewarding as writing fics.

I’m afraid it’s still taking first place in my priorities. I can hear voices calling to me from my WIPS: Spike, Viconia, Giles, & Jaheira from ‘Tabula Avatar’; Hercule & Xena from ‘Murder At The Acropolis’; Spike/William from ‘Life, Resumed’; Chopstick, Buffy, Shogun Giles, Dalton, Ampata, & the Dread Pirate Wesley from ‘Dojo Hard’; the Angel Investigations team & the A-Team from ‘It’s A Nice Place to Visit’; and Xander & Ghost!Spike from ‘The Lost Patrol’. And, for that matter, Ethan, The Ferret, the General, & Anna from ‘Access All Areas’. Before long the voices will become too loud to ignore, and I have two weeks off work, and so I expect to make substantial progress on at least two of the fics. But not yet.

At the moment the loudest voices are coming from Khelgar Ironfist, Neeshka, the Captain of Crossroad Keep, and my own newly-created NPCs and monsters from ‘Neverwinter Nights 2’. And so I’m returning to Faerûn now, not even pausing to read the new chapters from rahirah, shadowscast, spikendru, enigmatic_blue, and others that I know are out there unread. I haven’t even read the conclusion of ffutures’ BtVS/Wallace & Gromit story! I’m keeping up with ‘Questionable Content’ and that’s about all. Manxnet losing connection to LiveJournal over the weekend again didn’t exactly help.

Of course I might be spurred into reading/writing action a little sooner if a few more people read and responded to the most recent chapter of Access All Areas, the Spike/Dawn ten years after ‘Chosen’ story that I’m co-writing with curiouswombat (he says in a crude attempt at blackmail. But then, my ancestors invented blackmail).
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