Speaker-to-Customers (speakr2customrs) wrote,

Manx LiveJournal Problems

Access to LiveJournal here on the Isle of Man has been pretty screwed up for a while now. Sometimes I can get to my own journal but not those of Friends, sometimes I can't view comments, sometimes I can't open anything that's behind a cut. Right now I can get to the My LJ page, which is how I'm attempting to post this, but otherwise I can't see my own Journal at all. I can see curiouswombat's Journal and her Friends page, and I'll check there to see if this posted, but I can't open cuts - a bloody nuisance because I know that spikendru has posted a new chapter of 'Out of Africa' and I want to read it and can't. I know that I've missed some Birthdays but I don't know whose.

I think that Manxnet is partially blocking access to LiveJournal, probably on the faulty assumption that they are spammers because they send tens of thousands of e-mails out each day. I'll start complaining to them on Monday when they have staff in.

And I'll answer Magnus' question when I can get to my Comments.
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