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An Absence of Speaker

During the past five days off work I have done no writing at all. Apart from real life things I have done nothing but play ‘Neverwinter Nights 2’. I’ve hardly even read LiveJournal and I’ve missed several birthdays. Sorry, everyone. I’ve nearly finished the game now, and I don’t think that it has the replaying potential of ‘Baldur’s Gate 2’, and so normal service should be resumed after these four nights at work.

Belated happy birthdays to sarcasticbitca, rpdom, jamalov29, sp23, treiza, and on-time happy birthdays to kantayra and to makd.

Today, on my return to work, inspiration suddenly hit me. Only a drabble, I’m afraid. 100 words; as insane as usual, and inspired by the plethora of time-travel fics that are appearing in the Spuffy side of the Buffyverse these days. One of those who died in canon is offered a chance to live again…

Nine Lives

The representative of the Powers That Be stared at the ghostly presence. “Your death was unscheduled,” he declared. “The distortion of reality caused by the intervention of the Order of Dagon caused your untimely death and thereby set in motion a chain of events that threatens to bring about the final Apocalypse. We wish to set things right.”

The ghost said nothing.

“You can live again,” the Power went on. “I can send you back through time, to the moment before your death, with knowledge of how to avoid it. Do I have your consent?”

“Meow,” replied Miss Kitty Fantastico.

Tags: birthday wishes, birthdays, drabbles
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