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An odd little drabble...

It’s my mother-in-law’s 80th birthday today and there is a lunchtime party. As I’m at work tonight this causes something of a logistical problem. I’m going to bed in a few minutes; I’ll get up to go to the party and then go back to bed when I get home. Hopefully I’ll get enough sleep in the two instalments to see me through the night.

I almost forgot to mention; I Am The Walrus won "Best Challenge Response" at the Love's Last Glimpse Awards.

Here is an insane 100-word drabble that came to me last night at work and that I’ve rattled off in five minutes. Non Buffyverse, surprise crossover.

Wi’ Wallace Bled

Wallace daubed his face with blue pigment and used white clay to draw a Cross of St Andrew over the blue. He adjusted his plaid, donned his helmet, and then took up a huge claymore and brandished it above his head. “They may take our lives,” he bellowed defiantly, “but they’ll never take our freedom.”

His fervour was not contagious and his audience was unimpressed. Shaun looked at him impassively and went right on chewing, not even bothering to pause, while an eye-roll accompanied by an infinitesimal raising of one eyebrow was the only response that Wallace received from Gromit.

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