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Emma the Bloody Awful Singer

Whine: I haven't been able to get at LiveJournal for the past six hours. I think my cluster must have been down; I know that the whole thing wasn't down, because I've been getting comment advices through on e-mail, but I couldn't get on at all. I went to Greatest Journal but there was no-one else there. It was even worse than a general site-wide breakdown because I was the only refugee.

Rant: Anyone who has read Tabula Avatar will have heard of 'Sunshine on a Rainy Day', by Zoë, as it is referenced many times in the story and Viconia's performance of the song at the Five Flagons Inn is a defining point in her relationship with Spike. I was aware that Emma Bunton had done a cover of the song, and I have Buffy mention the cover within the story, but I had never heard Baby Spice's version before.

Today, thanks to the miracle of YouTube, that happy state of innocence was shattered.

It is so staggeringly, unbelievably, diabolically dreadful that it is probably the soundtrack in Hell.

I had thought that Eva 'Miserable Dead Cow' Cassidy's loathsome dirge version of Sting's 'Fields of Gold' was bad. But this...

Hearing that feeble, squeaky, voice squawking through the lyrics that Zoë puts so much into was torture to my ears. It was like hearing Orville the Duck performing Rammstein's 'Amerika'.

Please, music industry of the world; never ever let Emma Bunton (or Victoria Beckham for that matter) anywhere near a microphone for the rest of their lives.
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