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Drabble: The Killers in Me

Happy birthday to gillo

The birthday ficlet yesterday didn’t used up all my creative energy. Here is another piece of idiocy (although not necessarily a birthday fic this time).

I’ve always hated songfics where the song is used totally anachronistically; for instance the BtVS S6 story revolving around Spike listening to Dido’s ‘White Flag’, which came out during AtS S5 (and featured Angel, CEO of Wolfram & Hart, in the video, at least in my universe in which David Boreanaz never made it as an actor and lives in an alley eating rats). However I’m always prepared to make an exception in my own case…

A 250-word ficlet set during the BtVS S7 episode implied by the title. Rating G.

The Killers In Me

“Giles hasn’t been acting like himself at all,” Anya mused.

“It’s totally as if he isn’t even listening to us,” Dawn agreed.

Xander grimaced. “I don’t think he’s the First. I’ve seen him touch things. Well, I think I have.”

“Maybe not the First,” Anya said, “but he’s not the Giles we know.”

“You think maybe he’s possessed, Ahn?”

“Or an evil alien pod person!” Dawn squealed. “That would be so cool!” She met Anya’s cold gaze, and saw Xander twisting around in the driver’s seat to look at her just as coldly, and she lowered her eyes. “In a totally sucky way,” she added.

“It’s somewhere around here,” Xander said. He brought the car to a halt and they disembarked. “I see a camp-fire.” Xander pointed and they set off towards the glow.

Before long they came upon Giles sitting near the fire. He seemed to be chanting under his breath.

“Grab him!” Anya urged. The three Scoobies rushed forward and tackled Giles. All of them sprawled in an ungainly heap.

“Well, he’s not the First,” Xander announced.

“Bloody Hell!” Giles cursed. “What on Earth are you playing at?” He pushed Xander away and struggled, rather less forcefully, to disentangle himself from the two girls.

Faint music filled the air. It seemed to be coming from Giles. Dawn found a trailing wire and tugged. The music grew louder. ‘…Destiny is calling me, open up my eager eyes, I’m Mister Brightside…

“I knew it!” Dawn yelled exultantly. “It’s iPod Giles!”

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