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Early birthday ficlet for Gillo

Here is an early birthday ficlet for gillo. I’m posting it today just in case tomorrow morning I stagger in from work, rush to put out the wheelie bin for collection, stagger back in, collapse into bed, and emerge in the evening sleepy and bleary-eyed just in time to rush out to work without posting.

This will be totally and utterly unintelligible to Americans, Chinese, Estonians, Australians, Germans – and indeed to anyone English from south of the Humber! talesofspike, calove, curiouswombat, and gillo herself are quite probably the only ones who will understand it. 200 word double drabble, PG-13. Set during ‘After Life’ in a ’verse where Buffy’s leap at the end of ‘The Gift’ had a slightly different outcome…

It Was A Big River

“I don’t get it,” Willow complained. “Buffy has been really weird since we brought her back. With, you know, the drinking, and the wearing of the teensy tiny skirts and tops even when it’s cold, and that totally strange accent.”

“Being in Hell can have a strange effect on a person,” Anya said, “although I must admit that I don’t know of any hell dimension that would have caused those particular changes.”

“Say, where is the Buffster anyway?” Xander wondered.

“She slipped out the back door,” Tara said. “I think w-we should just let her have some space.”

Outside in the alley Spike watched Buffy with concern in his eyes. “You okay, Slayer?”

“Why aye, man, ah’m fine, me,” Buffy told him.

“Something’s wrong, Slayer,” Spike said. “Want to tell me about it? I haven’t been in a hell dimension as of late, but I know a thing or two about torment.”

“Ye divvent think ah was in Hell, like?” Buffy rolled her eyes. “Why nee, man, ye’re deid wrong theor. Ah was happy, me. Aal the lads an’ lasses theor, aal with smilin’ faces. Nee bluidy way was ah in Hell, ye naa. Ah think ah was in Hebburn.”

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