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Objectives not met and other stories

Happy birthday to denny_dc


Happy birthday to shadowscast

My holiday is over and I go back to work tonight. 5 nights on, and then an odd pattern of 5 nights off, 6 nights on, 5 nights off, 4 nights on, rinse, repeat, for 2 months. No more opportunities to spend a whole fortnight writing furiously.

I didn’t achieve everything that I wanted to achieve. ‘Dojo Hard’ isn’t quite finished. Close, though, as there are only one or two chapters to go. The Poirot/Xena crossover ‘Murder at the Acropolis’ is a short piece and will be finished very soon. I didn’t get anything done on ‘Tabula Avatar’ and I had no chance to resume ‘Life, Resumed’. I vaguely thought about doing a Xmas fic this year, as I have the last two years, but I decided that I simply don’t have time. Instead I will go through ‘And Glory Shone Around’ soon, to see if there is anything that needs to be tidied up, and then repost it at seven_seasons.

During this period of intensive writing I looked back at some neglected earlier projects and made some decisions. I think that I now have to acknowledge that some of them will never be finished. ‘Shellshocked’ is the primary example. It simply doesn’t work as well as I had expected and I can’t summon up enough enthusiasm for it in actuality as I did in the concept stages. Another is the long dormant BuffyBot fic ‘I was made for loving you baby’. I regret having brought back Buffy; I should have written it as a Buffyless S6 fic concentrating entirely upon Violent Elizabeth Bott. ‘Love Potion #9’ might not make the cut either; I have just read a story by Ameeya that covers very much the same ground and I’m not sure that there is room for my story as well.

I don’t know if I’ll ever do Book 2 of ‘Pandora’s Boxer’. When I started the intended trilogy it was a new and exciting concept but by now everyone and his dog has done it. Also much of Book 2 was going to involve inflicting pain, physical and emotional, on Harmony and I really don’t like doing that even when the plot requires it.

The jury is still out on ‘Life in Shadow’. I still like the idea but I covered the Initiative arc of Season 4 so thoroughly in ‘Pandora’s Boxer’ that I’m worried about repeating myself.

‘Savage Beauty’ is stalled because the balance of plot and funny had begun to tilt too much towards plot (a problem that has also cropped up with ‘Dojo Hard’). I will pick it up again, and I’ll get back to ‘Sunnydale Passions’ too, once I get out of the black gloom that has afflicted me lately. I haven’t been in the mood for pure silly light-hearted fun for the past few months, due to medical problems etc, but I am feeling much better now and maybe my sense of humour will return too.

‘Tabula Avatar’ will most definitely continue. It is the story with which I have the greatest emotional involvement. ‘Life, Resumed’ is another definite. So, too, is the ‘Lonely on the Mountain’ sequel ‘The Lost Patrol’ of which I have only posted one short chapter so far and everybody has probably forgotten about. Those are the three stories that will dominate my serious writing over the next few months.

If the fandom survives that long, of course. The Buffyverse fandom seems to have suffered a dramatic fall-off lately, probably due to NaNoWriMo, and to the 3-month absence from the Net of makd. Hopefully it will recover to some extent now that those two adverse factors are over. If it doesn’t, then I’ll have to move to original fiction and occasional one-offs in obscure fandoms.
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