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Drabble: Cosmetic Surgery

I Am The Walrus has been nominated at the Love's Last Glimpse Awards as best Long Story, Comedy/Fluff, and Challenge Response. Thanks to whoever nominated me.

Voting is underway at the Spark and Burn Awards, where 'Tabula Avatar' is up for an award, but there's no point in my asking for your votes. It's not going to win anyway, not with the competition that it faces there, and the Non-Buffyverse Crossover category (where I think it stood a very good chance) didn't get enough nominations and has been carried over to the next round. However there are superb stories by some great writers – many of them on my F-list – nominated there and they probably would appreciate your votes. As would I, and others of my F-List, at the ongoing Twisting the Hellmouth Crossover Awards. I won't quote the URL for that as only existing TtH members can vote.

And, in other news, here is my second 200-word double drabble of the day, following (but completely unrelated to) Miss Marple versus Godzilla. This one is dark humour, NC-17 for gory character death – but hey, Joss assassinated the character first! Angel Season 4. Dedicated to, and inspired by, beer_good_foamy.

Cosmetic Surgery

The evil being occupying Cordelia’s body snarled in frustration. Angelus was gone, and Soul Boy was back, thanks to that interfering witch. She’d have to move on to the big revelation scene.

For maximum impact she should look at her best. Cordelia touched up her lipstick and then reached for another cosmetic. Damn, empty. Oh well, no big, Fred would have some.

- - - - -

A ghastly shriek of agony came from upstairs. The gang in the atrium of the Hyperion grabbed for weapons but before they could act a figure appeared on the stairs. Cordelia, screaming at the top of her voice, blood streaming down her face.

“Cordy!” Angel cried. He jumped towards her but collided with Connor and they sprawled on the ground.

Cordelia’s eye sockets were pools of blood. She missed a step and toppled the rest of the way down the flight. Her body landed at the foot of the stairs and lay still. Her bloody eyes stared sightlessly at the ceiling. Something fell from her hand and rolled across the floor.

Fred picked it up. “I warned Cordy not to steal my make-up,” she said, holding out the tiny wand for the others to see. “Texas Chainsaw Mascara.”

Tags: drabbles, nominations/awards
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