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The good, the bad, and the wonderful

I received some extremely venomous feedback recently. I posted this drabble at 'Twisting the Hellmouth' and someone reviewed it thus:
I have to say this is story was complete dribble, and resembles the work of a 5 year old with too much time on their hands. In the words of Jay Pinkerton, reading this is quite literally "like going to the bathroom after a six-burrito lunch, and the toilet paper is YOUR EYES."

Surely that level of vitriolic condemnation is entirely inappropriate for a drabble? Even were it the worst drabble ever written (and I had quite a few favourable comments and so it can't have been that bad, can it?) how bad can 100 words be?

The TtH account is newly created and this is the only review it has posted. Strange. I wondered if it might be a sock puppet specifically for the purposes of a personal attack on me, but the TtH mods say that no other users from that IP address have ever posted there. And I'm not aware of having any Internet enemies.

Anyway, I'm not going to let it upset me. I'll press on with 'Dojo Hard', which is within sight of the end after my burst of 3 chapters in 4 days, and hopefully I'll get it finished this week.

And on to a more pleasant Sock Puppet. The incredible shadowscast recently posted a story by that name at fall_for_sx and it is utterly wonderful. Even if (like me) you're not a Slash reader this is well worth reading. Simply superb. Sock Puppet. Praise her with great praise.
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