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Drabble: Solid Gold, Easy Action

It’s just occurred to me that I haven’t posted this one on LiveJournal, although I have posted it at Twisting the Hellmouth. A long-delayed addition to my series of AtS/A-Team crossover drabbles under the blanket title of It’s A Nice Place To Visit, in which Angel Investigations hires the A-Team to retrieve Connor from Quortoth. 100 words, PG.

Solid Gold, Easy Action

The hairy, fanged, beast charged in ravening fury. Hannibal shot it with a crossbow but it ignored the wooden bolt and pounced upon Face. Angel tried to pull it away; the creature swatted him aside and opened gaping jaws.

“Get off him, fool!” roared B.A. Baracus. He punched the monster on the snout. It howled in pain, recoiled, and then lunged at Baracus’ neck.

And dropped dead.

“What was that thing?” Baracus asked.

“A wolfwere,” Fred explained. “Like a werewolf but it takes gold to kill it. On this planet I guess you count as a weapon of mass destruction.”

Tags: a-team, drabbles, fic
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