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State of the Speaker Address

I've hardly been on LiveJournal at all for the past few days. I'm obsessively playing Neverwinter Nights and, I must confess, feeling that it cries out for fanfic. I will restrain myself, however, at least until all my current projects are finished. I have been doing a little writing but it'll be a couple of days before I have anything to post.

Healthwise I'm feeling much better. The second blood tests were much improved and the nights when I felt really ill were actually probably because of the ultra-strong antibiotics that I was on; I felt much better as soon as I finished the course. However I have a hospital appointment for different tests (which the doctor has warned me will not be fun) on 10th October, and I have to go back to have more blood tests done in a couple of months.

I've been trying to reply to all the birthday greetings to me that are on LJ today but it's playing up; for some reason I can't reply to comments or view other Journals directly as opposed to through my Friends page. Thanks to all of you; I'll reply once LJ starts working properly again.

Belated happy birthdays to magic_wanderer, magarett, and hesadevil

Happy Birthday to magista and to missmurchison

Tags: birthday wishes, birthdays, general
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