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Doesn't time fly?

Began work on Chapter 21 of "Pandora's Boxer" today; to my horror I realised that a whole month has passed since I posted Chapter 20. Considering that I did the equivalent of leaving Buffy tied to the railroad tracks with the train approaching at the end of that chapter, I must have my readers frothing at the mouth. Grovel, grovel. I apologise. There were things I wanted to do with my wife, the European Football Championships are on, the attack of the Plot Bunnies who demanded that I write "Pyromania" and "Smells Like Teen Spirit" delayed me further, and I just didn't realise how quickly time was passing.

I have had a fairly productive day on it, it should be ready for posting by the weekend. Although, "It's Got to be Perfect" is even further behind schedule and the chapters are shorter. To which should I give priority? Decisions, decisions.

In one there is a big fight scene coming up; in the other a couple of sex scenes. At the moment I'm feeling randier ("hornier" in Merkin) than I am combative, so I'll put in an hour or two of "It's Got to be Perfect" before I go to bed. Alone. Having to book holidays so far in advance that they can be adversely affected by Continental Drift really sucks.

At least I won't be delayed by my planned watching of "Pirates of the Caribbean". The Wombat called home tonight, asked her where the DVD is 'cause I can't find it: they've taken it with them to watch on the laptop. But they've seen it and I haven't! Not Fair!

Oh well, I'm free of that distraction, as I am free of the distraction of the presence of my family. And as EnigmaticBlues goes on holiday today I'll also be free of the distraction of reading the twice-weekly updates of her wonderful stories.

I'd rather have the distractions.
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