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Birthday greetings, nominations, & Pandora's Boxer

Happy birthday to keswindhover

In other news: Angel of the Morning and The Hounds of Love have been nominated in several categories at the Fang Fetish Awards. Thanks to whoever nominated them!

And the complete rewritten version of my 150,000 word Season 4 epic Pandora's Boxer is now up at seven_seasons. If any of you haven't read it then that's where to go rather than to my website as the version there is out of date - it's going to take ages to redo the html coding on the rewritten version and I don't know when I'll get it done.

Summary: after undergoing the demon trials in 'Grave' Spike is offered a second chance instead of a soul and is sent back in time - but minus his memories! He isn't quite the same soulless Spike, however, and things go very differently this time. Not least the fact that someone else ends up as Hostile 17! NC-17.

Oh, and a note to ffutures; I haven't replied to your comment about Chapter 22 because I had accidentally posted that chapter to my own LJ instead of to the community. It would be silly to have just the Epilogue here and so I deleted the post once I realised my error - but of course your comment was deleted too. Thank you!
Tags: birthday wishes, birthdays, fic, nominations/awards
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