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Ficlet: The Tale of Xander's Tool

I should have been doing something productive but I did this instead. I had thought of doing an entry for a certain Challenge, although I’m not part of the relevant community and I only know about the challenge through spikendru’s response to it, but I got it twisted around somehow. 500 words, groan warning, and you’ll probably hate me for it. Takes place during S5 ‘Shadow’.

The Tale of Xander’s Tool

Dawn’s shriek of terror was still ringing in everyone’s ears as Buffy pushed away the fallen display case and rose to her feet. Glory’s Sobekian Cobra demon had already turned and slithered out of the shop.

“Why was the big snake afraid of Dawn?” Willow wondered.

Giles rushed to Buffy’s side. “Are you all right?” he asked.

Buffy looked at Dawn and then at the destruction left by the snake. “Giles, it knows,” she hissed. “I have to kill it.” She moved towards the door.

“Buffy, take a weapon,” Giles urged her.

“No time,” Buffy called back. She snatched up Xander’s tool box. “There should be something sharp in here,” she said, and ran from the shop.

“Hey, take good care of my tools,” Xander yelled after her. “I want them all back, you hear?” There was no answer. He shook his head and began to assist with clearing up the debris.

Giles ran out after Buffy and went to get his car. He caught up with her after a block, and pulled up to give her a ride, and then accelerated away in pursuit of the gigantic serpent. The snake was extremely fast but he managed to keep it in sight until it left the road and headed off across an expanse of grass and trees.

Buffy jumped out of the car, still holding Xander’s toolbox, and pursued the creature over the grass. She had the edge over the rough terrain and the gap grew smaller. Eventually she overtook it, jumped up onto a rock, and from there she leaped onto the demon’s neck.

She battered the huge snake with the toolbox until it came open and then she grabbed the first tool that came to hand and used it to smite the snake repeatedly. The tool had only a very small blade but was heavy and served her well as a bludgeon. The snake sagged under the impacts and its head lowered to rest upon the ground. Buffy delivered a couple more blows and then she paused to search for a more effective weapon.

Suddenly the snake reared up again, apparently revitalized, and opened its fanged maw wide. By this time, however, Buffy had laid her hands on a far more deadly weapon, and she discarded the wood-smoothing tool and struck with a chisel. The razor-sharp blade penetrated deep into the serpent’s body and reached a vital organ. It collapsed again and this time lay still.

Buffy wiped her hands and looked around. Xander’s toolbox lay on its side and the contents were scattered on and around the giant snake. Buffy sighed and began to gather them up.

“Thanks for the loan,” Buffy told Xander, as she returned the toolbox to him.

“No problemo, Buffster,” Xander grinned. “As long as I get them all back, it’s good.” He opened the box and checked the contents. “Hey!” he complained. “There’s one tool missing.”

Buffy raised a hand and smacked her forehead. “Sorry, Xander,” she apologized. “Your plane’s on a snake.”

Tags: drabbles, fic
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