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Birthday greetings and future plans

I have seriously neglected my Birthday posts. I went 3 days without checking the list and missed several people including some very long-standing Friends.

Belated happy birthdays to mefnord, opalescence, and souloftherose

and happy birthday to mnmbelle

Only 11 days to go now until my posting day for the watchersdiaries ficathon, 5 of which will be work days when I can't do any writing, and I haven't even started on 'Days of No Trust'. Meep! And I want to do updates for 'Tabula Avatar', 'Life, Resumed', and 'Dojo Hard', and a 'Where did Olaf go' ficlet or two as well. Reading will have to take a back seat to writing for a while. And it might take me a while to respond to the comments on my last post.

I won't be able to go to the mini-meet preceding a possible forthcoming UK Writercon (see writerconuk). I will be at work and the possibility of swapping holidays to free up that period has now been ruled out. I think that I might like to go to the full thing, however, assuming that work permits. If I do go I might even be able to make an actual practical contribution. A panel on writing fight scenes? Would this be interesting?
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