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Confused babblings...

Happy birthday to diachrony

and to elizardbits

The birthday notification feature on Greatest Journal actually works! Why can't LiveJournal manage it? Too busy hunting for nipples on default icons and designing features that we don't want to do something really useful, I suppose.

Good luck to Germany in the football; I’ve got more German Friends than Italian, and the Azzurri are so bloody negative that they’re a pain to watch. The final will be much more interesting without the Italians in it. Although they have the best National Anthem.

Happy Fourth of July to the Americans. Two hundred and thirty years ago you successfully rose up against an autocratic and rather stupid ruler and set off on the road that led to...

Plus ça change
Plus c'est la même chose

Anyone know what's happened to xionin?
Tags: birthday wishes, birthdays, general
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