Speaker-to-Customers (speakr2customrs) wrote,

Drabble: Surprise!

Number nine in my ‘Nantucket Slayride’ series of AtS/Moby Dick crossover drabbles. Two in quick succession because I wanted to get this one up while it is still a certain ‘International Day’, at least in California, although I’ve missed it by nearly seven hours in my own time zone. Previous instalments are HERE. 100 words, PG-13.


“The Groosalug has been summoned from the scum pits of Ur, Highness,” Silas the High Priest announced. “Perhaps you have seen him in a vision. He shall arrive soon. Everyone is most anxious for Your Majesty to successfully com-shuk with him.” He saw a look of blank incomprehension on the face of the new ruler of Pylea. “The com-shuk is a mating ritual,” Silas explained.

“A mating ritual?”

“Indeed. All will be as foretold.” Silas frowned slightly as he looked upon the tattooed visage of the Seer. “Although I must confess, Prince Queequeg, we were expecting someone a little prettier.”

- - - - -

A/N: the day in question is International Slash Day.
Tags: drabbles, queequeg
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