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Drabble: Ditzharmony

Happy birthday desdemonaspace

and... Vive la France! Vive la France!

For kallysten and frenchani and syderia, and also because they’re not Brazil.

Spamming today, this is my third post. I posted number six in my series of AtS/Moby Dick crossover drabbles this morning, and now here is episode seven eight (I messed up and posted this one before the real episode seven. Sorry.). The previous ones are HERE. Still lacking an overall series title so that I can post them at ‘Twisting the Hellmouth’.

This one is 100 words as usual, PG-13 for innuendo. Inspired by a comment made by bogwitch - that apparently I misunderstood, as she was thinking pop culture and I was thinking classic movie.


“So that’s Queequeg?” Harmony’s forehead creased up. “I thought he was just a character in a movie.”

“He’s real,” Cordelia assured her.

“And hot,” Harmony said. “He’s got that whole bad boy thing way more even than Spikey. And he’s not all uptight and crazy like in the movie.” She sighed. “I so want to see him do the thing with the steel balls.”

“Steel balls?”

“You know, where he rolls them around in his hand. Kinda makes me want to do something like, only not with steel balls.”

Cordelia rolled her eyes. “Wrong movie, Harmony. Queequeg, not Captain Queeg.”

Tags: birthday wishes, birthdays, drabbles, queequeg
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