Speaker-to-Customers (speakr2customrs) wrote,

Drabble: It's A Big Cock

And here is number six in my series of AtS/Moby Dick crossover drabbles. The previous ones are HERE. I’m still pondering an overall series title so that I can post them at ‘Twisting the Hellmouth’ but so far I’m coming up blank.

100 words, PG-13.

It’s A Big Cock

“My leg got crushed under the whale,” Lindsey explained. “They had to amputate.”

Angel frowned. “And they couldn’t give you a better prosthetic than that wooden peg leg?”

“Oh, I wanted this,” Lindsey grinned. “Wood has certain advantages.”

“Don’t tell me you think you can stake me with it,” Angel scoffed.

“Well, yeah,” Lindsey grinned. He reached into his car, pulled out a five foot long leathery cylinder, and raised it aloft in both hands. “After I whale on you with this.”

Angel’s eyebrows climbed. “What the hell is that?”

Lindsey’s grin grew wider. “It’s my secret weapon. Moby’s dick.”

Tags: drabbles, fic, queequeg
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